I haven’t picked a topic as yet but I would like it to be something about education in adulthood

The rationale for undertaking this research was the researchers expectations to make recommendations to the educational institutes about using different teaching styles and methods while teaching the adult learners. The current research was undertaken using an interview method where 5 teachers from pre-adult school and teaching children between the ages of 4-11 years, and another 5 teachers from an adult learning center who taught in higher educational institute years were selected. These respondents were selected on the basis of convenience sampling as both the institutes were easily approachable to the researcher. Further, the researcher himself had taught at the pre-adult school earlier and was currently teaching at the higher educational institute, and as such, it was easier for him to interact with the faculty and get their responses.
The research findings revealed that the teachers were indeed making use of some different teaching methods. For example, teachers of adult learners made use of discussion and case study methods in addition to the lecture and question answer methods. In the case of children, the most reported method of teaching was lecture, question and answer, and periodical assessment. The research findings indicate that there is further scope for the teachers to make use of more teaching methods in order to facilitate better learning, For example, there are several methods like the case story method, the course portfolio method, interactive multi-media, critical thinking and demonstration and role playing methods, which have been reported to bring a better understanding of the subject material for the adult students.
The research revealed that the teachers were aware of the different motivations and approaches of their adult and children learners and tried to modulate their teaching styles and behaviors in the