I Have a Dream A Critical Discourse Analysis

In the context of American society, the black people or the African American minorities of the American nation have faced several problematic conditions that are deeply related to the ideals of democracy asserted by the Americans.
Martin Luther King, one of the progressive leaders and activists that advocates the Black Rights and acceptance to the American mainstream society, has delivered a speech entitled “I Have a Dream” that is worth analyzing.
Before proceeding in the with the Discourse Analysis, it is worth note-taking that there are certain factors that inherently affected the very matter of addressing the social issues related and associated with the interplay of language and power during the time and social context of Martin Luther King in the American society back then. There is also a synthetic analysis that will be applied with the meanings, rhetoric and social conditions that Martin Luther and other Black Americans or African Americans, to be politically correct, face.
The very speech of Martin Luther King, “I Have a Dream”, was delivered after a protest march that the Black Americans held at the Washington DC, the edifice of political power in the United States of America (Alfayez, 2009).
The pressing social repression of Blacks due to racial hatred, deprivation of rights and other abuses have been the key factors that gave way for the occurrence of the said protest and delivery of a very assertive speech (Nordquist, 2011).
In a very general sense, the speech of Martin Luther King emphasizes the dreams, hopes, and aspirations of the Black people in America who have been constantly harassed by the injustices perpetrated by the White People, to whom which the political power of the American society rests and maneuvered accordingly to their own interests.
In terms of the emotional perspective, the speech is delivered in a very strong-willed manner that can move people to understand the dilemma&nbsp.of the people being repressed back then and to be emphatic about the struggles that they have endured before the occurrence of the said event that can be considered as a political move in the facets of America as a nation and as a society.