I Am Not Your Victim as an Autobiographical Treatise Presented by Beth Sipe

The author shows how Steven (Sam) used his masculine power to curb legitimate rights of his wife, brutally abused and threatened her and even snatched the children from her. It further moves on to cite how the influences caused by military, medical and criminal justice institutions, battered women and of her family and peers changed her way in dealing with such violence. (Sipe &amp. Hall, 1996, pp. 3-278) This paper on the Book Report of Beth Sipe’s book first makes presents a discussion on the said context. It further moves on to give an analysis of Case Management done on the concerned topic. Personal recommendations also form an integral part of the paper as to one’s way of dealing with such victims of domestic violence. In total, the paper aims to present a review of Beth’s story by conducting a critical analysis on it.&nbsp.

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Beth Sipe’s story on domestic violence reflects the potential of domestic violence to which a woman is made subject to by her camouflaging spouse. The word camouflaging is used in the sense that Steven Sipe became an unknown man after marriage to Beth. Further, even after an event of a threat, Steven used to change himself radically to become a loving and caring person. The extent of the violence caused severe damages to Beth’s personality and health. In her autobiography, Beth comments that the sixteen years of spousal violence had robbed her from physical, economical, emotional and social strength making her an object of fear and threat. (Sipe &amp. Hall, 1996).It is in this context the paper tries to draw the attention of how Beth’s change in response to such acts of violence in her association with military, medical and criminal justice institutions, battered women, the legal and social system.

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Steven Sipe was an air-force officer stationed at Blytheville in Arkansas. Thus Beth Sipe considered of visiting the legal office of the air force in order to collect the records. Beth had a talk to the Lieutenant who in the order asked about whether she had a talk to Steven’s superior in the Air Force. To this end, Beth spoke about her conversion to Steven’s superior which had yielded no result.