Human Rights Issue

For almost a year, there have been horrendous violence, massive displacement of people to the tune of 130,000 people displaced since December 2013, and the threat of famine is facing the South Sudanese people. Over 450,000, South Sudanese have been displaced by the violence fleeing to neighboring Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, and Ethiopia while 1.4 million internally displaced. The crisis has led to the need for humanitarian assistance by 3.8 million people who have been affected by the violence in South Sudan. The affected people mainly live in the Upper Nile Region, Jonglei, Central Equatoria, Western Equatoria, Eastern Equatoria, and Lakes regions of South Sudan.

This is the greatest human rights problem due to a large number of people affected by the crisis and the level of violence meted on innocent, vulnerable members of the community. Over 10,000 people have been killed in a crisis, and over five million people depend on humanitarian assistance between within and without the country in displacement camps. The other reason for the crisis to be the greatest humanitarian crisis is that the violence has caused a threat of famine in South Sudan. Scholars, policymakers, and human rights organizations believe that the problem in South Sudan needs immediate attention by the United Nations, IGAD, regional organizations, and other international bodies to provide humanitarian aid and come together to solve the problem.

The problem is caused by recent developments after the independence of South Sudan with the national government led by Salva Kiir unwilling to democratize and to take fewer measures to deliver basic services to the people. The result of this was the lack end of a common enemy anymore for SPLM, Khartoum, and their efforts for independence and self-determination.