Human Development under the Various Domains

3750 Family background, to begin with, affects how one undergoes the human development process. The number of immediate family members and their traits including the traits of some members of the extended family can be noticeable in current and coming generations. In a family where, for instance, certain members have a bad temperament, there is a likelihood that one or all of the children brought up within the family are naturally temperamental and react negatively to emotion and stimuli. Socio-economic status of the family and a child’s neighborhood is eminent to determining the kind of person they are likely to grow into. For a long time, children growing in the black neighborhoods of the United States have turned to be violent and retain a certain gang mentality, traits of which they gathered due to the neighborhood they grew in. Normative influences are either caused by age or the historical influence on a person. Some influences that age are the physical development and maturation in both genders, commencement of education, death, among others. As regards history, influences can include social affiliations and movements, wars and various epidemics. On the contrary, there are non-normative influences, which are usually the events in one’s life that have such great impact but most of the people escape them. Examples could include the contraction of a rare disease, genetic abnormality, winning a lottery, or finding religious affiliations (Beckett &amp. Taylor, 2010).