How would I go about doing this I am not the best at writing im confused?

Write a letter addressed to:


How would I go about doing this I am not the best at writing im confused? Write a letter addressed to: Mr.

David Moore

719 Lakeside Drive

Charleston, IL 61920

You should submit the assignment to me by the date indicated on the schedule for the class. No late assignments may be submitted unless prior arrangements are made with the instructor.

Background Situation:

Assume you are a customer support specialist for a technology equipment company named Innovative Technology. The address of your company is 625 Moorman Drive, Elmhurst, IL 60126. You may select the style of the letter (modified block or block style) and include the current date. Your letter should include a letterhead for Innovative Technology with the address shown above. Your name and job title (customer support specialist) should be included in the signature section of the letter. A customer named David Moore recently purchased a HP LaserJet M201 Pro printer from your company. He has now written to you asking to return the printer and receive all of his money back. He paid $324.50 total for the printer. He claims that the printer is too complicated to use. In your letter, you will be writing to refuse to refund his money and offer a compromise.

Specific features your letter should include are:  Paragraph 1 – Start with a buffer thanking the customer for his business and for making you aware of the situation. DO NOT APOLOGIZE OR REFER TO ANYTHING NEGATIVE IN THE BUFFER PARAGRAPH. A buffer paragraph should include the qualities of remaining pleasant, relevant, evasive, and transitional.  Paragraph 2 – Courteously explain that it is against your company’s policy to offer a full refund after a printer has been used. Therefore, you must deny his request to refund the $324.50 he paid for the printer. Remember in the indirect writing approach, you always explain before you deny the request and deliver the bad news.  Paragraph 3 – Offer a compromise to the customer stating that you are willing to exchange the printer for the HP LaserJet M100 printer which includes several features making it much less complicated to use than the M201 Pro printer that he originally purchased.

 Paragraph 4 – End the letter by leaving the decision to the customer to accept your compromise. Your final paragraph should politely ask him to please contact you at (800) 555-0217, Ext. 77, to let you know his decision. Your final sentence should focus on goodwill indicating that you want him to be a satisfied customer and continue a good business relationship with your company.

Please refer to the Writing Assignment 2 Evaluation Sheet to determine how points can be earned and lost.