How to Succeed with Newspaper Advertising

It would also be wise to talk to the director of the Human Resource department to inform him or her that the ad that was placed in the newspaper had errors (Professional Advertising, 2011). To applicants who applied for the coding position, it would be extremely fair to send them an apology letter telling them of the mistake and how sorry the company feels for inconveniencing them. The firm should also place the old ad in the same newspaper and make sure that it is canceled and beneath it should be the correct advertisement (Professional Advertising, 2011).
In conclusion, the correct ad should also state the cancelation of the previous ad, and explain that the new ad is the correct advertisement. Just to spice up matters, the new ad should incorporate brilliant ideas so that the readers do not get the wrong impression. For instance, the ad could be colorful with easily understood language that would make the reader enjoy reading the advertisement.