How to Remain in Boxes

Our offices or professional settings are also boxes, which confine us. Boxes, which are very small in size such as congested buildings, also appear as confinements such as prisons. Professional settings should have to be open and should have better landscapes around them as there should be a natural environment there. For examples, there should be plants and trees in offices and there should be attached lunching places that are outside the offices. The attitudes of administration and other people working should be friendly in order to lessen the confinement felt. As far as prisons are concerned, they should be constructed with big rooms with doors and not cages.
It will give a sense of openness and broadness. The friendly atmosphere will also allow us to think that we are not confined and will give us a homely look. Therefore, it is clear that we have to remain in boxes but a sense of confinement and security depend on different situations. It is our own understanding that drags us to consider a box as a confined entity or a secure one.