How spiritual and religious guides can influence the pursuit of happiness

Despite scholars presenting different definitions and causes of happiness, it is evident that the religious and spiritual perspective carries the weight towards achievement of happiness while compared to other major factors like wealth (Quinn,&nbsp.2014). That has as a result made various individuals to attach spiritual and religious connotations to happiness. As such, how spiritual and religious guides can influence a person’s pursuit of happiness.The thesis of the paper seeks to outline different measures that can be implemented in order to achieve happiness.Although there is no universal definition of happiness, it can be seen that spiritual and religious guidescanconnected to spirituality.
Many people struggle to search for happiness and there are many connotations attached to this concept particularly the aspect of spirituality. Individuals constantly sought for economic gains to satisfy their happiness and despite the level of economic power, happiness seems to evade these people. That serves as a clear identification that achievement of happiness is far beyond the economic strength of an individual. It results from the fact that happiness fails to possess an economic value (Borchard,&nbsp.2011). There are some religious people who believe that only eternal spiritual happiness is possible after death. However, despite such believe that real happiness will result upon death. these believers live a religious and spiritual life on earth that translate to happiness before death strikes. The reason behind achieving happiness during their lifetime is attributed to the conception that real happiness lies on the wait. Some individuals have identified India as a potential source of happiness. Although India has numerous negative traits associated with the rapid rate of industrialization, high population, and the lack of proper waste management, it remains a center for finding happiness.Apart from