How I Stopped Being a Perfectionist

He observed my verve for achieving the best results in the project, which was driving me tense and crazy. Uncle Matthew simply folded the newspaper he was reading and placed it on the coffee table. He looked at me and said that “you know boy, often the journey part mostly turns out to be more enjoyable than arriving at the destination. Forget about the results and just enjoy what you are doing.” I suddenly realized that yes. this was the exact problem with me.

From then on I started to inculcate the habit of enjoying whatever I did in life, getting totally immersed in the task, forgetting about the end results. To begin with, it was difficult, as it was tough to get over a habit developed over time. But, slowly it became a second nature to essentially enjoy all that I did. This not only extended to me a heartfelt satisfaction but to my amazement, I also started to achieve better results in all that I attempted. Today, I am proud to say that I harbor a positive and forward-looking attitude to all the targets and challenges I come across. I am successfully able to avoid getting overstressed about the things I do while learning new things and enjoying the tasks at hand. Now I have what it takes to be a true achiever.