How do I properly paraphrase this?Undergraduate students report experiencing a


How do I properly paraphrase this?

Undergraduate students report experiencing a

considerable de- gree of stress. The American College Heah Association’s Na- tional College Heah Assessment found that 53% of students reported feeling either more than average or tremendous levels of stress in the last 12 months (American College Heah Associ- ation, 2015). In addition, nearly half of college students have a diagnosable psychological disorder (Blanco et al., 2008). Impor- tantly, some students are at greater risk than others of experiencing stress and mental heah problems. In one muisite study, the lifetime events most associated with current distress were witness- ing family violence, unwanted sexual attention, and sexual assau (Frazier et al., 2009). Sexual victimization has also been found to predict poorer academic performance and dropout among college women (e.g., Baker et al., 2016). Given that many counseling centers find it difficu to meet the demand for mental heah services (Gallagher, 2014), aernative ways of delivering services to students are needed. Internet-based interventions (IBIs) are one such aernative. The goal of the present study was to assess the efficacy of low-cost online interventions for reducing stress and improving mental heah for college students, including those at risk owing to prior exposure to witnessing family violence, un- wanted sexual attention, or sexual assau (referred to here as interpersonal trauma).