How digital technological devices influences children’s development

d the kind of education today, including what is learned, where the learning takes place and how it happens is very different compared to education in the past. With the changing world, the young people should be more confident, innovative and more connected in order to have more involvement as lifelong learners through and education system which supports the development of knowledge, competencies and values while preparing them to succeed in the world (Clark, 2011).
Digital technologies are a critical aspect of the life of children as children use it to connect with each other, in learning new skills and pursuing their interests to their level best. Digital technologies also avail newer opportunities for teachers as well as leaders and other members of the society keen on the development of children to contribute to the learning of the children. This is because they these technologies can allow learning to take place anywhere and at any time apart from the classroom. Additionally, the children who are engaged with digital technology can get a connection and collaboration with other students and teachers who are not part of their school and from various parts of the globe. In connecting with other children, the child will be able to appreciate the challenging aspects in the virtual world that would typically be impossible while getting an easier access to a large pool of resources available on the internet that can support learning such as websites and other applications (Plowman, Stevenson, Stephen &amp. McPake, 2012).
The advantages of technology depend on the manner in which children, parents and teachers decide to utilize it in enhancing the learning of the children. When employed in a good manner for educational purposes, the latest technology can assist in the creation of opportunities for more active and meaningful learning experiences. Nonetheless, this does not imply that all the people in a particular household need their own devices. It is impractical to