How Can a Specific ICT Package Be Used to Support Learning and Teaching

With the tasks and activities displayed for the whole class to see, the teacher can remain in control of moving on from one step to the next, and so is better able to ensure that all students remain on task, and also that all students understand each step thoroughly before moving on to the text.
This package is intended to educate pupils of primary and elementary school age in the rules of the English language. The focus is on the correct use of grammar, and on instructing students on how to communicate in a clear and correct style of written English.
This package is aimed at children in the earlier years of primary school and is designed to supplement classroom activities intended to give them a comprehensive understanding of the basics of English grammar. The course in this package can be accessed in a number of ways. It can be accessed online, by individual students using computers in school or at home, or it can be uploaded onto a school’s intranet network, and can then be accessed by teachers in any classroom across that school.
Ideally, the course is presented on interactive whiteboards, so that a teacher can work through its lessons with the entire class simultaneously, and ensure that they are all progressing at the same level. Core Learning, the manufacturer of this product, is an accredited software partner of Promethean Interactive Whiteboards, one of the world’s leading distributors of interactive whiteboard.
The learning outcome of each session in the package is made clear at the very beginning. For example, the presentation supplied for Lesson 1 is prefaced by a title page, on which is clearly written, ‘Making a Complete Sentence’. By emphasising the aim of the lesson in this way, the product gives a clear focus to the lesson, and allows students to judge, by the end of the session, whether they have accomplished what they set out to do, or whether they require more work in order to gain a firm grasp of the material covered.
At the end of each section, a lesson overview appears again on the screen. For example, after the first section,&nbsp.this consists of ‘Sentences’, ‘Complete Sentences’, and ‘Incomplete Sentences’ (See Fig. 1 below). The teacher is able to run through this summary with the students, and if they deem more work necessary on any of these elements, there are helpful links on the top right of the page, to pages designed to consolidate the material.