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It is not intended to be a vacation destination, but rather a clean and comfy place to rest before moving on with the journey. It is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.
Best Western International offers franchise rights to independent owners, therefore all Best Western hotels are independently owned. Other than any assets that are corporately-owned, this hotel administration acts as the team that handles marketing promotions and makes sure that the brand image is being sent consistently through the licensing efforts. Red Roof Inn has just over 325 locations across the country that are owned by the parent company.
Best Western offers many different promotions aimed toward their target markets: the business traveler and the low-resource buyer. During a particular period, the buyer can stay twice and receive a $50 gift card (bestwestern.com, 2010). There is another promotion that involves completing a voting survey to win one million rewards points for Best Western. These promotions show how they have cost in mind and trying to build loyalty in mid-priced target segments.
Red Roof Inn has the RediCard which is another type of promotion offering reward points for multiple stays at the chain (redroof.com, 2010). This promotion is aimed at the budget-minded traveler by offering more incentives to get them to remain loyal to Red Roof. There are many smaller, inexpensive hotels and motels that compete with Red Roof therefore they need to remain focused on cost and efficiency.
Both Best Western and Red Roof have locations in Miami. Red Roof has a hotel at the Miami Airport with a nice exterior. Best Western has a facility known as the Floridian as well as another location at the Miami Airport.
Best Western is located in over 30 different countries, including Belgium, Croatia, Ireland, New Zealand and India (bestwestern.com, 2010). This chain has a very large international presence which would