Homosexual Parents and Capability of Providing Care and Guidance Needed by the Children

82000 Since gay parenting has a significant influence over the sexual orientation of the children, many people are prejudice with regards to lesbian and gay parents. As part of protecting the best interests of the children, gay parents often loss physical custody or being prohibited over the right to adopt children (Appell, 2003). On the contrary, Tobin and Mcnair (2009) argued that empirical evidence proves that there is really no concrete evidence for considering the sexual orientation of parents in assessing their capability to adopt a child. There are some studies revealing that lesbians and gays are not allowed to foster care or adopt children for the reason that gays are considered mentally ill making lesbians less maternal as compared to women who are heterosexual. It is also possible that the type of sexual relationship that gays and lesbians have usually allowed them little time to be involved in the actual parent-child interaction. On the contrary, the study of Vanfraussen, Ponjaert-Kristofferson, &amp. Brewaeys (2003) revealed that the parent-child interaction among lesbian couples is fairly the same as compared with the heterosexual parents. In reality, there is no single empirical study that can prove that lesbians and gays are not capable of becoming a good parent. In line with this, there are several studies showing no significant difference between the way lesbians and heterosexual women could rear a child nor there was any difference in the mental health condition of the two groups of individuals.