Hieronymus Bosch

This is very distinct from the period of Renaissance as people were never content with a certain amount of knowledge and power. Thus, in the painting, God is seen above everyone else, seeing how He is to judge each person according to his or her actions.
In the painting “The Flight &amp. Failure of St. Anthony”, one can see the many struggles one goes through and daily battle to choose the good. Here, the saying, “with great knowledge comes great responsibility”, isthe underlying message Bosch wanted to send.
Also, in the “Death of the Miser”, we can see that life on earth is somehow prolonged or extended by the use of medicine and medical advancements that eases one’s suffering of any illness. However, as death is inevitable and is a part of life, as humans were never meant to live forever, no technology can fathom mortality.
Indeed, all these three works of Bosch depicts the milieu of the Renaissance where people’s lives, actions, and beliefs are influenced by the power they recognize they have. This knowledge and power make it more trivial to choose the good despite the attractiveness of evil options around us. Moreover, these paintings just illustrate how people really longed for knowledge &amp. power during Medieval times, that being deprived of it made them want both so bad to the extent of compromising morality and goodness