Can you do this paper the requirement are attach? Please if you can do it reply to me as son as possible.


Hi Can you do this paper the requirement are attach? Please if you can do it reply to me as son as possible.

Overall learning Outcomes
1-Develop an aesthetic appreciation of the science and the art of nursing?
2-Experience the muiple way of knowing embedded within the lifelong learning process?
3-reflect on the collective and personal meaning of nursing. Identify influences in the evaluation
of the nursing profession?
4-Expand the students affective experience of the nursing?
5-Relate theoretical foundations of the nursing profession to everyday practice?
6-Justify personal values related to nursing practice.
7-Appreciate the many contributions of nursing to society, cuure and the heah care enterprise.
Watch the movie’’ American Nurse americannurseproject.com/film-trailer/
1- Respond to each question reflecting upon what impresses you in the movie and its
representation or depiction of the concept being addressed
2- Adhere to APA style format
Part 1:
Goal 1: To cuivate Reflection (Reflection Paper)- the use of the reflection in nursing
education is well established (tanner;2006’ Draper,2014) the film itself is form of
cinematic reflection.
Example of reflective questions to be explored are:
1-Descibed the caring values you learned from watching the film.
2-Discuss what surprised you about nursing as depicted in the movie.
3-Identify heah disparity issues in the film and provide a reflective commentary.
4-reflect on the therapeutic role of storytelling/life review in the practice of nursing.
5-Discusss the integration of the science and the art of nursing.
6-which nurse could most identify with and why? Part-2
Note would recommend that you complete this section only after competing the assigned reading
for the theoretical models of nursing in your text chapter 5) I am also including a classic article
by dr. b. carper which will help you to think about nursing as a science and art.
Goal 2: philosophical discussion on a variety of nursing constructsThe essence of nursing (both as noun and as a verb) was once a topic lively discussion among
leading nurse theorist (Red,1997). The film can be used to renew this dialogue with reflective
questions that explore epistemology (theory of knowing) and oncology (Theories of being).
Higher levels of abstraction in regard to the philosophy of nursing are integral to deeper
understanding of the theoretical basis of the nursing (Rogers, 1970)
1-How is nursing both a science and an art?
2-discuss your philosophy of nursing?
3-What is the science of the disciplines and practice of nursing?
4- what is the essence of nursing?
5- How is technology influencing the nature of nursing?
6-Where does one learn to care?
7- what are the the advantages of nurses who have various types of disabilities?
8- What is the face of nursing?
9-What are vulnerable conversations (difficu conversations) in nursing
10-What does it mean to be an ethical whistleblower?
11-How is nursing a humanistic discipline, and/or a human science?
Part- 3:
Goal-3: Application of liberal arts to nursing science.
1- Created a poem, picture some type of representation of the nursing to you
through the medium of writing interpretation, music, video photography,
whatever you choose.
2- Being to class to share with one another.