HI I’m struggling with understanding coding in Python for my intro to computer science class The way to


HI, I’m struggling with understanding coding in Python for my intro to computer science class. The way to

structure it and actually create the code is just not clicking, I’m having trouble with this problem in particular. Any help would be appreciated.

Pearl’s Pancake Pad is a growing restaurant business , and they’d like to upgrade their
existing pen-and-paper system for tracking tickets to a digital point of sale system . They
are asking you to design and build that point of sale program for them .
The point of sale program must :quot;
Allow the waitstaff to input the table number , and the number of diners at this
table . Each table can seat up to 4 diners .
For each diner ,
Display a menu of at least 7 common breakfast items , including types of
drinks and entrees , with prices displayed . The menu is small , but the quality is
high !
Allow the waitstaff to enter the items the diner has ordered . Each diner may
order as many items as they want .
After all diners at this table have ordered , display the before tax total and total
with tax for each individual diner ( sales tax is 8% ) . Also , display the total with tax
for the whole table , and suggested tip amounts for 10% , 15% , 20% and 25 %
service qualities .
After a table is complete , the program should restart at the beginning , and
continue until the manager selects quit . Before the program exits , it should report
the total amount of money that should be in the register ( ticket totals + tax for the
entire day )
Design Details
Below , you are given some problem analysis and design details . You may find these
helpful , and you are free to base your implementation on these details . Note that these
details may not be complete . Feel free to add to or make changes to any of these
details .
Problem Definition
1 . Problem Description :quot;
Design and write a program that will allow a waitperson to take orders for each table ,
and calculate and display the per-person total , per-table total , recommended tip
amounts , and overall daily total .
2 . List of Program Inputs :quot;
Table number
Number of diners at table
Menu item ordered by a diner
3 . List of Program Outputs
Menu of food items
Before tax total for a diner
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