Hi can you help me answer these questions please Thank you Which of the following is


Hi, can you help me answer these questions please. Thank you.

  1. Which of the following is

not an example of a financial intermediary?


Manulife Financial

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

Bank of Montreal

2.Which of the following is true about finance?

Finance is different from economics because economics does not study how resources ar

Finance is the study of how and under what terms savings (money) are allocated betwe


All parts of finance are not integrated.

Business finance is the only important part of finance.

3.A small investor from New Brunswick has just purchased 100 common

shares of a telecommunications firm on the Toronto Stock Exchange. This is

the first time the investor has purchased this stock. This transaction is an

example of

a primary market transaction because it is the first time the investor has bought the sto

a primary market transaction because the money the investor has invested will go direc

a secondary market transaction because the investor has bought the stock from other inve

none of the above; this is a large block trade and will be done using the OTC market (the


4.Which of the following responsibilities does not usually belong to the


tax management



credit management

5.The following are all advantages of the corporation form of business

organization, except:

Corporations have easier access to new financing.

Owners of corporations find it easier to exit the corporation by selling their


Owners of corporations face unlimited liability.

Corporations have unlimited life.

6.A firm’s treasurer is usually not responsible for which of the following?

a.Manage company’s cash and decide to whom the company will extend credit.

b.Forecasting the firm’s future cash position and expenditure plan.

c.Prepare and file firm’s financial statements and ensure internal controls eliminate


d.Manage the firm’s pension plan.

e.Arrange adequate insurance and make sure the firm is covered for major risks.