Health Planning and Regulations

This paper aims at discussing United Health Group Company profiled in America’s Health Insurance plan, discussing its program and opinion on how it will improve the education of the people it is targeting.
The America Health Insurance plan has more than 1200 companies which sells health insurance to more that 250 million of Americans. One of the companies profiled in the Insurance Plan is United Health Group Company. This institution plays a great role in advocating health literacy to Americans, because, they are responsible for making it difficult or easier for people to use and find health services and information. It provides current health information, which is important for most Americans to make decisions on their health.
Health Literacy can affect both people with education skills or not. It is a challenge to many individuals, like when they are not aware of medical terms and how their bodies function. Additionally, sometimes they are forced to interpret risks or numbers in order to make decisions based on their health, or when they are diagnosed with scary illness. Some individuals have complex conditions, which require complicated self-care. According to, Health (23-36) lack of health literacy affects adults in all ethnic and racial groups. Both uninsured and insured adults have low literacy and health skills. Additionally, both college graduates and high school graduates can have limited literacy. United Health Group Company program helps both unschooled and schooled understand and acquire health information.
The company’s program consists of health education campaigns that are designed to help the Americans and their families understand group laws and health benefits which govern them, especially when they are experiencing changes in the works, childbirth, retirement, job loss, work situations and marriages. It helps in educating them on some of the benefits of health coverage