Hand Operated Air Pump

The hand-operated air pump is designed for inflating bicycle tires, basketballs, footballs etc. Besides, it can also be used to inflate rubber rafts. Lightweight and compact, it is a portable device. Made of rustproof steel, it is rated at 60 Pounds per Square Inch (PSI), and is highly durable.
The threaded top receives the barrel cap and the octagonal brass barrel cap allows access its diaphragm. It is threaded to attach to the housing and has a ¼” hole in its center to slide over the shaft. A 1/8 inch hole in the side of the cap allows air to enter the housing. The toe plate, fitted to the barrel, allows the user to stand on it while operating the pump.
The locking clamp nozzle is inserted into the hose end and is secured with a 1/8” metal band. The thumb chuck facilitates quick release for regular and high-pressure use.
The user can clamp the hose nozzle onto the filler stem of the utility to be inflated, stand on the toe plate, and pump the plunger. If the item to be inflated is a ball or raft, the operator has to first insert the filler needle into the nozzle clamp, moisten the needle and insert it into the navel of the ball or raft. Then, standing on the toe plate, he or she can pump the plunger up and down.