Growth in Person Centred Counseling Skills

82000 I had basic knowledge of how a counselor should deal with the client. I thought that the main areas that a counselor should work on are, to be very nice to the client and display an understanding towards his feelings. Now, as a BA Hon degree student my understanding of the person centred approach has reached a newer height. I have discovered the deeper meaning of this approach in promoting the well being of the client. One discovery that speaks volumes is that a client should never be considered a client but a human being, a person. This change in the perception has brought me closer to the attributes of a good counselor. This has helped me in looking at the same information with a more humanistic angle. Now, I understand that a person knows what he should do but he is in the dilemma whether he should do that or not. He has two different feelings for the same person or situation. That is why he approaches the counselor to help him in finding the right direction. I have learnt that a counselor should not be biased or prejudiced towards the positive thoughts of the client and should not look down upon his negative thoughts. The counselor should be emphatic towards both the sides of the client. He should indulge in therapeutic relationship with all aspects of the client’s thoughts and feelings. Earlier, I felt that in a person centred counseling the client just lets his feelings known to the counselor and the counselor very emphatically deals with his problems. Now, this understanding has soared to a higher level. I feel that for building a greater interpersonal relationship and providing a satisfying therapeutic approach to the client’s needs, the counselor should not only listen to his problem but also his suggestions of how to proceed with the therapy. Only then can it be termed as a real person centred approach. Hence, my understanding as a diploma student has moved a step further as a BA Hon student& I have realized that the conventional way of listening and responding to a client is no more acceptable.&nbsp.