Group Relations Management and Organization

Working together on a group assignment is not always easy and it takes negotiation and a willingness to compromise in order to be successful. As Americans, we guard our individualism and sometimes do not work well with others. What we understood very early on is that organizational is key to any group assignment and that while it is important to ensure that the right mix of skills are present within the group it is also imperative that we are organized and plan appropriately in order to ensure that the work progress is smooth, streamlined and on target. We do not know if there is a philosophy of sorts for group projects but we found early on that creating organization out of chaos helped us work towards our goal and ensured the success of what we were aiming to accomplish.
First and foremost, a successful group must begin with a plan for the project and this may be the result of consensus-building or through the personal initiative of one member who has chosen to take the lead and help organize the group into a collective whole. Although we all have ideas and some of us are better at articulating them than others, it is important that early one a plan is devised and implemented across the group in order to ensure that our trajectory is positive and we are working towards a common goal. In this instance, the group may select one individual to act as a ringleader of sorts or perhaps this group “leader” will appear on his or her own. what is important in this instance is that there is someone who acts to lead the group, set deadlines and timelines and ensure compliance with the timeframe for completion. From the perspective of organizational behavior, it is imperative that there be someone to manage the group and direct the individual members toward a common purpose.

We began the organizational component of our project with a meeting. These meetings also allowed us to have a routine with which we could organize our schedules and gave us a fixed time frame for our deliverables