Group Dynamics

A group analyze different viewpoints, work towards arriving at the most credible conclusion, provide advice on the correct procedure of activities and dev elopement of the group activities, helping in problem solving whenever there is a predicament facing the group, work towards the success of the group/team, obtain insight from interactions with other members as well as intelligence from other members of other groups, obtain skills in life, prepare themselves mentally for future teamwork, enjoy the fruitful success of the group outcome from its activities and eventually realize affluence of the entire affiliation as a whole (Kemper and Royce 2002).&nbsp. The group can be a school study group. discussion group, project group. research group or an investigatory team of people who work together towards achieving a common set goal or goals within a given scope of time.

Groups are a very potent learning tool as it combines the thinking of different minds to a common pool and laying them bare for critical analysis and further fact-finding regarding the given data at hand. Therefore, the group is a very effective tool in research work, a powerful discussion tool and a good approach where a given number of people are willing to arrive at a common thinking destination (Levi 2010). Insight is a very important aspect of in-group/teamwork. Members with adequate insight/knowledge are adept top solve a given riddle from the combination of the different insights to deliver favorable answers that serve are apparently credible. Participation in a group is a very important virtue in group work. Members who participate in terms of giving ideas, speculation, insight and their own findings regarding the topic under discussion make the team/group affluent and fruitful in its endeavors. Conversely, lazy or unwilling members who do not contribute in the group deliberations make it lag behind and dwindle in its endeavors. Therefore, the aspect of teamwork and participation gives an affluent group its characteristic success. This involvement, profound concentration on the group and giving out your viewpoints is very influential on the group success rather than passiveness which is a vice (Davies and Sinfield 2000).

Factors that&nbsp.have a profound effect on members’ participation in group activities are vast.&nbsp.