Great Philosopher Plato

1250 People are still continuing to read Plato to this day in part due to him being only one of the two philosophers, out of three total, to have written down his work. Indeed, while Aristotle and Plato wrote down their teachings, theories, and thoughts, Socrates did not, making it easier to obtain the works of the other two. However, as Plato had been a student of Socrates, Plato had written down a lot of his lessons from Socrates, as well as continuing the arguments and strengthening what Socrates had started. Furthermore, not only did Plato expand on what Socrates had written, but he made note of everything that Socrates had taught or stood for. in essence, through Plato would learn all that we need to about Socrates. Plato also introduced the Socratic method, which involves asking a question and answering it, making up new questions and answers along the way, until something makes sense and there are no longer holes in the logic. This method is quite common for classroom settings and lecture halls, as well as simple arguments of logic or debate. Again, Plato delved into the teachings of Socrates to come upon this question-answer method. It came to a point where Socrates was considered to be “more of a literary device” for Plato’s philosophy.