Grant proposal to set up a medical/educational clinic

By using the philosophy of parenthood. it will provide the patients with the necessary information so that they are in a better position and they are better informed to make responsible health and educated decisions.
The services will be targeted to low-income families serving men and women between the ages of 14 to 35, in the Metropolitan Washington area. Unplanned pregnancy has historically been a problem in the Hispanic and African American communities among teens and young adults ( It has, generally, kept them from obtaining an education in this area to be prepared to make decisions to prevent pregnancies and diseases related to sexual encounters.
Many Hispanics and African Americans have had to work earning minimum wages and leading them to not be able to obtain proper information to make good choices concerning pregnancies and preventing diseases, this may be caused by their efforts in having to work long days with minimal pay, family responsibilities, and lack of knowledge. In the Hispanic community it may also be due to their lack of the English language and/or they may lack the necessary skills due to their lack of education and technical skills as with the case of the African Americans who have lived in the United States of America (U.S.A.). The Hispanics and the African Americans have suffered discrimination as history will attest to.
In these communities, in general, pregnancy is unplanned and the head of the family is of a single mother. Many of these women are abandoned by the child´s father, leaving them alone to take care of the finances, having to work, or be part of the welfare system. Educational parenthood needs to teach Hispanic and African American women and men the measures needed for planning parenthood. abstention, and the use of birth control. This will also contribute to preventive measures concerning sexual related diseases.
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