Google case

The company is viewed as focused in offering a better service to the user, compared to other companies which put their shareholders first before anything else but they cannot sacrifice small issues to increase shareholder value.
Martin views Change brought in China is a great reform in terms of its economy. This is clearly seen as the author explains how China moved from communist model of socialism and committed itself to economic reforms by joining the world Trade Origination in December 2001, agreeing to lower tariffs. The author finds it a good thing to start the company in China. This has been seen to raise the living standards of many Chinese in terms of their social mobility and personal freedom. The author sees China’s system of brutality and totalitarian regime of forced laws as being acts that portray a bad image of the nation. To view the bias depicted in the case, the author makes the reader to believe that it is very hard for Google to penetrate and start its operations in China even though other companies like Microsoft and Yahoo! Have managed to start their companies in China.
¶In the long run Google will succeed to start its business in China because of the intelligent and hard working staff that has been employed, like MacLean who is a thoughtful and methodical project manager having a computer science degree who worked hard to develop a good plan for Google in China. I also do perceive that Google had strict rules and regulations that do protect the private interest of their shareholders and users not like other companies that’s why it was difficult for them to get easy entry into China. China wanted to control the flow of information which was not according to the ethics of Google.
¶ It is within my own opinion that China wanted to control information flow. This is as a result of the author not clearly distinguishing whether China wanted