“Global Justice &amp

Global Poverty" There is the fear of the gap widening more in the years to come if no action has taken place to curb this problem.
Inequality is massive in the decision making of policies in the international political and in financial insititutions.John Rawl explains this in his theory on global liberties. They exist in form of both global economic and political basis. There is uneven distribution of resources in the world. hence, causing inequality in the living standards (Pogge 2008, p34). Discrimination is another factor that leads to inequality especially when the poor people are discriminated in relation to their economic status the society. Many peole are dying in East Bengal due to lack of food, medical care among other basic needs. This shows how much inequality has affected the world today. It is possible to evade poverty among such poeple through applying several policies.
This paper will focuss on the effects of global justice and the increasing cases of global poverty. It also analyzes possible solutions to this problem so to achive lower levels of poverty cases if any. The issue of double standards has also been addressed in this paper. However, double standards is not justified whatever the situation.
Global justice has become an issue in political philosophy arising from the unjust state of the world today. Thinking about global justice in the world today involves a double standard. This involves two broad parties to achieve global justice. The first party is at the individual level while the second is the government level. Teh context of global justice is the impartiality that bhas been created in the world today. This is because people believe that their duties to family members, friends and their personal issues are more important than those of strangers. This makes them less concerned about issues of people who appear to be strangers to them.
The government also contributes to the state of glodal injustice through the various policies