Global Issues in United Kingdom Germany and Japan

The United Kingdom is a highly successful food industry in the world. It majors in agricultural products. however, major factors affect the production, for example, the raw materials are imported from other countries with lower labor costs. The countries that supply the United Kingdom with raw materials and cheap labor are mainly the third world countries that face a price fluctuation due cost of inputs that generally affect the agricultural production in the United Kingdom. Food production is a global issue because the consumers suffer price variations in food that is a primary commodity (Bevir, Oliver and Pauline 9).
The cultural issue in the United Kingdom is most commonly mistaken for England and Britain. However, the three countries have different cultures but similar, England and Britain make up the United Kingdom among the other two. The people in the United Kingdom are very polite while talking and observe courteous words like please or excuse me and expect everyone to be so. The United Kingdom is also famous for its love for football. it is considered a hobby that has attracted fame globally where we have tournaments like the English Premier League.
The United Kingdom is legendary for the monarchy style of leadership. The monarchy has been a significant debate in other countries choosing their leaders through general elections and a democratic system. However, the United Kingdom still embraces monarchy where generations after generation are nurtured from a young age to become the next leaders (Bevir, Oliver and Pauline 11). The particular interest of this ruling family has influence over the decision made by the government.
The economy of the United Kingdom was profoundly affected by the 2008 economic slowdown that has brought about the high unemployment rate, contributed to the fall of rates of wages which has, in turn, caused lower standards of living. With low employment levels, it means low&nbsp.production that is a global problem because of the exports lower down.