Francis Bacon

Teacher Francis Bacon Francis Bacon is known to paint similar over a sustained period of time. Two of the almost similar subject are the paintings of Henry VI and the Study after Velazquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X.
The Study after Velazquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X may look grotesque but as the title suggests, it is actually the reinterpretation of the portrait of Pope Innocent X as originally painted by Velazquez. The rendering of this painting was similar to the Henry VI which was thickly painted with Cobalt Violet mozetta and pink. Except that in this version, Bacon used glazing in the white drapery of the pope.
The narrative is that the pope is seen screaming and yet we do not hear any voice which is symbolic of him being silenced by the shroud of falling colors from above. Bacon in his interviews says that he has nothing against the Popes but his paintings obviously detests them.
The painting Henry VI is about the same subject – Pope Innocent X but is actually a product of an overworked painting that the canvass almost clogged. In this work, this is thickly painted by oil on canvass and without the use of glaze such as the earlier work on the Pope.
Its narrative is similar as the Pope is screaming but is silenced by the dark colors. Curiously, this one is a bit different because he is caged in a transparent box suggesting that the man inside may have been suffocated that he had to scream.