Four Arguments topics

Four Arguments Research topics Research Topic Social networking sites have become an indispensable part of modern life. Still, their use has been also related to a series of risks, including the exposure of private life to an unknown audience. The studies developed in this field lead to contradictory findings in regard to the actual necessity of social networking today. The introduction of limitations in the use of social networking sites may be necessary. Which would be the most appropriate strategies for managing the above problem and how the consent of the public for this initiative could be secured?
Research Topic 2
The strong turbulences in the global market, as a result of the recent financial crisis, have led many firms to change their HR strategies. Flexibility has become a key characteristic of job agreements. In regard to the workplace, flexibility can be related to different aspects of work, such as the duties incorporated in each role, the hours of work or the place of work. However, flexibility as an aspect of the workplace has been negatively criticized, especially when it threatens the rights of employees. The role of HR managers in managing flexibility in the workplace should be studied at the level that the expansion of conflicts across a business, as a result of too flexible job agreements, could harm the performance of business, either in the short or the long term.
Research Topic 3
The recession of 2008 has highly affected the global market. Businesses have tried to secure their position by introducing strategies for increasing their competitiveness. Various tools have been employed for promoting the competitiveness of businesses in different industries. However, not all these tools have performed as expected. In this context, confronting competitors would be a challenging task for firms of all sizes. On the other hand, the success of many businesses in markets worldwide shows that increasing competitiveness is feasible even under strong market pressures.
Research Topic 4
The effects of business activities on the environment have been extensively reviewed in the literature. It seems that business operations necessarily affect the environment but not at the lame level. firms with extensive supply chain and production networks are more likely to harm the environment, even if they have taken measures for promoting sustainability. On the other hand, MNs are difficult to be controlled, as of the mode and effects of their operations. At this point, the following question appears: why existing measures for protecting the environment from business operations have failed? In addition, are there tools or frameworks that can secure the elimination of accidents like the one in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010?