Foreign Policy Analysis

The policy makers viewed the decision of the US to invade Iraq as a preemptive decision based on its interests rather than the safeguard of international security and peace . The sates held that the American government aimed to broaden its notion of self-defense regardless of the state of the international security. Therefore, many states such as France and Germany did not support the war against Iraq. The international society viewed war as the last resort, and posed challenges to the US to demonstrate whether it had pursued the possible peaceful options specifically for the disarmament of Iraq . For instance, the president of France Jacques Chirac claimed that war is an admission of defeat as is the worst of the solutions. He added that states must pursue all the avenues to avoid war. As evidenced, the French leaders also condemned the preemptive war against Iraq but maintained that the disarmament of Iraq can be peaceful. For instance, Dominique de Villepin, the French Foreign Minister held a view that Iraq can be disarmed through peaceful ways.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.
Due to the self-interests of Germany and France concerning the oil and construction industries, they opted for the support of the ultimatum of the UK/US. Further, they offered support to the war to disarmer Iraq because of the geopolitical factors such as the expressed wish of the elites to create the independent defenses and foreign polices from NATO . Moreover, the interests. For instance, the Foreign Minister of German Joschka Fischer warned.