Final Project

UN Environmental Issues

This final project has three separate


Final Project: UN Environmental Issues

This final project has three separate


  • Outline 20 points
  • Slide Presentation 300 points
  • Country Comparison 60 points

In this project, you’ll thoroughly research one UN member country to gain a better understanding of the environmental issues it faces and to identify the most pressing issues of the day. Then you’ll compare and contrast your country with another UN member country in order to see how the international community comes together to tackle complex global environmental issues.

You’ve already chosen a country to focus on. Now, take a look at the project requirements. When you’ve finished reviewing the requirements, skim through the sample slide presentation. This presentation is in progress meaning there are some things the student hasn’t completed. You’ll see some notes to this affect in the notes section. Also, the student will need to compile a references page at the end to attribute some of the work.

UN Environmental Issues Project (India)Graded AssignmentFinal Project: UN Environmental IssuesRequirements

Format: Your final product will convey this information in the form of a slide show, prepared as if you will orally present it. You probably won’t be able to present it orally, but it should be prepared as if it will be given as an oral presentation. This means that the slides should be optimal for a presentation (i.e. bullet points, images, and appropriate titles NOT full sentences or paragraphs on a slide) and the NOTES section below should contain the information you, as the presenter, would be planning to present orally. Your slides should summarize and support the information in the NOTES section, not substitute for it. If the slide show program you are using does not have a notes section, include an additional document with the notes for each slide written out.

Content: In this project you will do research on seven major topic areas in the UN member country you’ve chosen. If appropriate you may include additional information to support or elaborate on your answers. In general, you can expect to prepare roughly 2‐3 slides per topic area in your presentation plus any introductory and concluding slides.

Topic Area 1: Earth Systems and Resources

1. What are the major natural resources and services within your country?

2. What are the major benefits (economic, ecological, or societal) of these natural resources?

Topic Area 2: The Living World

3. What are the major types of biomes present in your country? What types of biodiversity are supported by these biomes?

4. Identify a few major endangered species in your country and discuss what if any, solutions are being employed to endangered species.

5. Identify one major invasive species in your country. Describe why it is of concern and what, if any, solutions are being employed to deal with it.

Topic Area 3: Population

6. How big is the population in your country and what is its rate of growth? Are there any problems with its rate of growth? If so, what is being done to deal with these problems?

7. Find an age structure diagram for your country or find data describing what age group makes up the majority of the population. Describe the implications of this age structure for the future of your country.

Topic Area 4: Land and Water Use

8. What are the major threats to terrestrial ecosystems in your country? Is it agricuural practices, climate change, forestry, mining…?

9. Are there any major water issues in your country (drought, flooding, sea level rise, dams, etc.)? What’s causing these problems? What is being done to deal with these problems?

Topic Area 5: Energy Resources and Consumption

10. What are the major sources of energy used in your country?

11. What is the ecological footprint of your country? What is the largest contributing factor to the country’s footprint?

Topic Area 6: Pollution

12. What are the major sources of pollution in your country?

13. .How is solid and hazardous waste dea with in your country?

Topic Area 7: Global Change

14. How is your country dealing with or preparing to deal with climate change?

15. What are the major laws and/or economic policies in your country that promote sustainability?

Additionally you should include:

· A map of your country and/or description of where it is located in the world. This should be included on one of the first few slides in your presentation

· A final slide that identifies the 1‐2 most pressing environmental issues in your country. These are the issues that your country would desire UN assistance with.

· Sources: You must cite the sources of your information and images in this presentation. Please do this in the NOTES section of the slides or on a separate document if you are using a program that does not contain a NOTES section. Also, include a works cited slide at the end of your presentation.

Country Comparison

One of the biggest challenges for the UN is facilitating agreements among its 192 member countries. However, these agreements are crucial to addressing global environmental problems. One of the ways that UN countries progress towards global agreements is by finding other countries with similar problems or ideas for solutions to form a coalition with. These coalitions then negotiate with other coalitions in order to move towards agreements.

Ahough you don’t have the luxury of learning about every UN member country in order to identify countries with which your country can form an alliance, you have been able to learn about one country, India. Your country and India are UN member countries that need to work together to solve both of your problems. Are there any commonalities that might enable the two countries to collaborate on solution or advocate for the involvement of other UN country coalitions? By answering these questions, you’ll move towards making that determination just as would as a UN representative for your country.

1. What common resources or ecosystem types do your country and India share?


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2. What common environmental problems do your country and India share?


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3. What are the major differences between your country and India? Would any of these differences prevent your countries from working together to help implement these solutions? Explain your answer.


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4. What challenges could you foresee if you country and India needed to work together in the UN to come to an agreement about global environmental issues? Do you think these challenges exist for all countries? Why or why not?


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5. Do you think international cooperation and negotiations are necessary to solve environmental problems? Why or why not?


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