Features of Mitt Romney’s Faith Speech

These sets of common beliefs provide society with a semblance of strong social bondage thus facilitating living in comparative harmony and mutual trust. Eagleton, while propagating Marxist theory, was of the view that ideological literature is often used for projecting political ideologies and vested interests of individuals with the intention of influencing the public at large.
The text of the speech has been cleverly designed to influence special human traits like forgiveness, compassion, tolerance, and patriotism. The speech is especially significant because it was a crucial 2008 Presidential campaign for the Republican nomination of Mitt Romney where his chief rival Mike Huckabee was fast gaining ground in the polls in late November. This focuses on faith because religion had become a favorite issue with the media and had played an important role in the 2008 presidential campaign. It also directly influences the sentiments and morality of the public at large. Romney has made a conscientious effort to identify himself as a common man with a deep respect for religious faith and who recognizes the need for freedom of choice. The significant rhetoric of the speech necessitates an in-depth evaluation. The semantics used and the objective of the speech, therefore, require ideological criticism and we would be doing a critical analysis of the speech to find out the cause and effect of the text using rhetorical theory with cluster criticism.
Religion and race have played a crucial role in the 2008 Presidential campaign. Mitt Romney’s Mormon linkage has been no exception especially when the republican voters have shown less confidence in the Mormon faith.