About WizzLuck

What is WizzLuck?

WizzLuck is a mobile dating application that helps you meet and connect with people you see in real life and have an interest in.

Is WizzLuck free?

WizzLuck is free and available to download on the App Store and Play Store.

Which devices support WizzLuck ?

WizzLuck is compatible with most of Apple iOS devices running 8.0 or higher and Google Android devices running 4.0 or higher.


What do I need to become a WizzLuck user?

Wizzluck is a Facebook login application. Just log in with your Facebook account and enjoy WizzLuck.

Will WizzLuck post on my Facebook Timeline?

WizzLuck will never post anything to your Facebook Timeline.

How do I deactivate my account ?

You can deactivate your account anytime. Go to "Settings" and hit the "Deactivate my account" button at the bottom of the page.

Can I change my account information (name, age, nickname) ?

Your account information is provided from your Facebook profile. If you want to change your name or age make the required changes on Facebook, the modifications should update automatically on your WizzLuck profile.


Do I have to allow WizzLuck to activate my location ?

Yes you do ! WizzLuck is a location-based mobile application. Make sure the GPS (location services) on your device is enabled.

Does WizzLuck require an Internet connection ?

As most of the mobile applications, WizzLuck requires an Internet access (3G, 4G or WiFi).


What are the Wizz, Nearby and DailyLuck tools ?

The Wizz tool is a virtual reality interface that helps you identify a specific person that you see within 500 meters.
If you didn't have time to check out your Wizz during the day, you can then have a look on your DailyLuck tool and discover the people who popped up on your Wizz over the last 24 hours.
The Nearby tool lists people around you within a distance of 40 kilometers.

What is the Shake tool ?

Don't know how to start a conversation? Let WizzLuck do it for you! The Shake tool helps you breaking the ice by sending a message randomly on your behalf. To do so, in the chat window hit the button " W ", select your language, shake your phone and make your own Luck !

If I see someone I would love to talk to, what should I do ?

The person you see needs a WizzLuck account in order to be seen. Find that person on the Wizz, then go to her/his profile and hit the chat button !

Someone liked your profile. Who is she/he ?

Big mystery ! You will get a notification telling you someone liked your profile, try finding him in your dailyluck, he might not be very far.

Can I delete a conversation ?

Yes, you can delete a conversation in the "Chat" tab by swiping left the selected conversation and hit the delete button.

Can I block someone I don't want to talk to ?

Yes, you can block her/his profile in a confidential way. Then, that person will not see your profile and will not be able to contact you anymore.

I have removed someone Nearby who then disappeared but I changed my mind. What can I do ?

If you changed your mind, go to "Settings" and hit the 'Users removed' button, then you should be able to reverse action.

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