Fantasy Genre Pieces in the Scary Movies 2

61500 Suture explains how the film world stitches together the imaginary reality that increases semblance to wholesomeness and coherence. Suture theory illustrates how a film works in the psyches of the audience, “to ensure they enter the imaginary world and narrative fictional films” (Green 2003, p. 78). This enables the audience to look and also listen to the techniques, conventions, means and codes that are part of the film world. The audience loses themselves to the film and allows it to surround and absorb the thoughts and actions of the audience. Suture theory analyzes these film aspects, to ensure invisibility and inaudibility of the individual components. Imaginary suture occurs when the audience or spectators identify with the characters. while symbolic suture takes place when the audiences identify with the world views illustrated by the film. Scary Movie 2 utilizes suture concept in various aspects. Imagery suture is illustrated through understanding the exorcism process as illustrated in the film environment. In The Exorcist, the teenager called Megan Voorhees is possessed through the spirit of the previous house owner, Hugh Kane. The audience understands that the exorcism is only performed by priests. for instance Father McFeely and Father Harris. The priests attempt to take out Hugh’s ghost, but the process unexpectedly leads to continuous vomiting and incidences of paedophilia. This process also leads the audiences to empathize with the possessed teenager, due to the painful experiences resulting from ghost possession and exorcism. Hugh is then shot by McFeely after he insulted his mother.