Experience as the Part of a Team

Reflection Paper For this reflection paper, I will be describing my experience as part of a team that completed the several required tasks in the Introductory Programming and Modeling project, which was concerned with the development of a Use Case diagram and the completion of a simple working version of a system that used Java. I would like to highlight that the whole project does not only involve the development of a Use Case system. Rather, it also involved the documentation and the explanation on paper of the entire process.
Specifically, I was involved with the Java coding and UML diagram examinations. In this regard, I was required to recognize and apply basic programming and modeling concepts that we have learned so far. There was a great deal of analysis, coding, testing, evaluation, involved, which has to be done in cycles in order to achieve our development goals.
I found that my responsibilities were not that easy and concluded that if I have not paid enough attention and became engaged and involved with other steps and aspects of the project, especially those tasks and work allotted to my teammates, I would not have finished my own tasks successfully and correctly.
The whole process is just one of the practice environments that allowed us students to learn not just about product or system being developed but the processes involved especially those that concern factors such as teamwork in designing, programming and modeling systems. In this regard, the help of our instructor has helped me a lot. As previously mentioned, there was a need to document and reflect on what we have done. I thought that this was easy but actually it was not. It required additional effort on our part.
Particularly the assistance offered in areas of difficulty such as in examining diagrams or developing coding solutions were very valuable. The instructor was also very helpful in the way we are able to divide responsibilities in a systematic way. The group is quite pleased that we were able to work seamlessly. I think this was made possible because of the fact that we are able to divide tasks according to our competencies.
I believe that the objective of the entire activity and project development is to enhance our knowledge especially in the face of the constantly changing state of our minds in terms of knowledge acquisition as we labor on with this particular course. The opportunity to implement theories that we have learned is essential in reinforcing what we have learned from the course so far. In addition, we committed mistakes and learn from them, as well as discover several important experiences that characterize actual programming environments. For example, there is the dynamics of working with groups and the underlying factors such as the efficiency that comes with systematic project management as well as the processes behind development of programs. I am proud that I was able to realize one of the most important objectives of the entire group project. I was able to gain valuable insights on modeling and programming systems in a simulated real environment.