Exhibition/Programming Catalogue

In addition to this, the demand market will be given ample information in regard to the films. This will give the themes, plot and setting of the film. As such, the market will be familiar with both the description and information connected to the film. This will reflect the films as products that are known in the market.
In this catalogue, there will be a genre of movies revolving around the same theme. The genre in this case will be crime films produced and directed in Australia. Australia is a country that renowned to have expertise and experience in production of films. With such a reputation, the films will be highly graded in the market. As such, the films will have a larger audience in the exhibition. In this direction, there are various factors that are eminent. First, the genre of the movies is stated as crime films. The catalogue will have a collection of movies revolving around prevalent crimes often committed in the country. Australia is a country that has a large number of convicts arrested from committing crimes. This would be used as a showcase to the Australian population in averting crimes. For instance, a collection of crimes will instill discipline in the population from experiencing the predicaments of the convicts. Secondly, the catalogue will only feature educative films. The crime films will be educative in that they will be directed towards reducing crime rates in the country. Crimes rates have been recorded to escalate due to varying reasons. Therefore, producing a catalogue that would reduce the prevalence of crimes in the country would be plausible (Rafter and Brown 2011, p21). Lastly, the films will be produced in the Australian territory. The catalogue will have tom mention the genre of the film, producer, director and Production Company. This will be a marketing drill in the Australian firms that will increase the popularity of the film industry. The country is deeply endorsed with resources and