Ethic paper

In 2011, Egypt had been facing numerous security issue of the leadership of the nation and the damage that was resultant of the chaos not to mention the number of deaths and injuries was numerous (Kirkpatrick, 2014). All this was being fuelled by the journalists in especially the print media who citing their freedom of expression in the constitution reported anything and everything leading to more fights (Aljazeera-America, 2015). The government censored the media preventing them from printing stories related to the leadership of the nation as this would cause further damages and deaths. This was an unwelcome decision by the Egypt media leading to debates (Chammah, 2011). What should be remembered is that even though this move harms the journalists, media censorship over security issues of a nation is more of a necessity than infringement of the media freedom of expression.
The facts in this case are that the journalists. freedom of expression is being curtailed by the government through the media censorship. They are gaged not to report any news until the government ban on the media is uplifted which will happen once the security threats subside. On the other hand, there is the government which is trying to govern the people and restore peace and calm in the country but their efforts seem to be hitting dead end with the media perpetration of the crowd with leadership allegations and stories. It has to think about the larger society and not just the small community of journalists and their rights and gaging them is the best solution for the moment if peace and normalcy are to be restored in the country.
Values refer to the available choices for the facts mentioned above. The values to be considered have to be moralistic based on Kantian theory of good or bad and objectivity being upheld in the ethical decisions (Kant &amp. Pluhar, 2002). The journalists have to not only making their news sensational and selling them but have to consider minimizing