EShopping Issues

This capability has made playing Nintendo games realistic.
These technical improvements in consumer electronics also found their way into the Internet. An example of this is on-line casino game sites where the player experiences the thrills of enjoying and playing in an almost-realistic casino. This realism extends not only to the quality of the audio produced by the act of playing such as table card games but also in the way the cards slide on the table. The cards seem to glide on a real casino table that is equipped with padding and the cards being dealt do not slide awkwardly as in previous computer programs where they seem slippery like being on top of the glass.
I believe Internet shopping ten years from now will allow prospective customers to feel, smell and see the real product on-line. This may seem impossible or incredible but scientists have found out that smell is nothing but just a variant of electromagnetic waves. The smell is transmitted by infrared waves and scientists are near to finally finding the solution to the mystery of smell (Grigoryev, Myakishev &amp. Yankovsky, 2001). Similar to the early movies during the beginning of the previous century, the invention of the phonograph made movies more enjoyable due to the added element of sound. Now that scientists have deciphered the mechanism of smell, it might be able to produce and send smell on the Internet. Consumers can see, touch and smell a product (such as perfume) before they will buy it.