Effectiveness of Senior Team Member and InDepth Knowledge of the Subject

As it has been aforementioned that my role as a senior team member is very notable and important for the success of an entire team, in the same manner, the role and functions of other team members also play a crucial role in this regard. As a senior team member, I should be able to understand the potential, proficiencies, and skills of my team members so that I can effectively place them in the right order and can assign them the right duty and task which fits them the most. Furthermore, I should respect other team members and should expect the same from them. As a team, it is our foremost responsibility to understand that every individual and his role are equally important and that no one is assigned with an easy job or has been favored. Furthermore, I also need to check that all members of the team are performing their duties well and are following all the ethical and legal guidelines of prescribing, selling, and administration.
It should be noted that prescribing someone is a serious and important issue. Although only authorized professionals are allowed to prescribe medicines, it is important that as a senior team member I should keep a check and balance on the procedures. A daily, weekly and monthly evaluation of the prescribing practices should be incorporated in the routine tasks as well as auditing and monitoring these practices. This will allow fewer chances of error and will ensure an effective and steady process of prescribing and other tasks.
The presence of a code of ethics and conduct is made by the Ethics committee of “The British Psychological Society” (Cowden &amp. Pullen-Sansfacon, 2014). They provide an insight to the educational, professional roles of Psychologists but they are not merely specific rules for psychologists but they are associated with certain principles that provide guidance on when to fulfill the demand of the patients and when it would be feasible to say no to them.