Educational leaders

Answer Development of educational leaders is critical aspect of empowering children and inculcating confidence amongst them. Foster trust and encourage rationalization process amongst students
Empower children with adequate understanding and knowledge to make decisions based on informed choices.
Creation of an extensive environment of collaboration within schools.
Apply critical thinking to make right decision.
Most importantly, in schools, the formation of action groups facilitates in resolving the problems faced by children. The collective brainstorming sessions help to come to consensus which is accepted by everyone concerned.
Answer 2
It means to me that leadership initiatives are important factors that help inculcate strong sense of responsible behavior and rational approach. I should always try to rationalize the contentious issue and apply critical thinking to come to right decision. Knowledge become the single most important tool that empowers individuals and encourages one to understand the problem and resolve the issue through mutually. Moreover, I understood the importance of collaborative environment where teachers, administrators and students together make collective decisions for the welfare of the students as well as for the school. Most importantly, shared goals should also promote collective decision making. Hence formation of problem solving work group greatly facilitates consensus that resolves the issue amicably.
Answer 3
I intend to apply the knowledge gained to my life in general. Effective decision making is a responsible and hugely crucial aspect of personal and professional growth. As a student also, efficient and effective decision making based on informed choice greatly improves and improvises the productive outcome of all our learning processes involving projects, class work and examination etc.
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