Ecommerce and emarketing for Book Bunkers You are an emarketing and ecommerce consultant Mary and Joe Johnson the owners of Book Bunker have hired you to help them create a comprehensive plan to utilize social networking in their marketing and adv

The paper then moves on to the various providers of social networking services and covers such companies as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn among others, as well as how Book Bunker could benefit from these sites. Finally, the paper gives recommendations on the social media strategy that Book Bunker can institute to increase bookstore efficiency and increase their online presence.
The social media is made up of websites and online tools, which encourage individuals to interact with other people like journalists, brands, companies and businesses, as well as forming communities via the creation, sharing, and publishing of content. It is a two-way stream of communication, as compared to traditional media where publishing of a message is done via one-way communication to the masses, for instance newspapers, television, and radio. The social media is ever changing at a rapid rate and takes on different forms that include content communities like YouTube and Flickr, micro-blogs and blogs such as Twitter, social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, and virtual worlds such as second life. This paper aims to provide information on the utilities of social media and web 2.0 to business, provide various sites that Book Bunker could use, and finally recommend a strategy for use by Book Bunker.
Companies and businesses utilize social media in different ways. They can use it for monitoring what is being said concerning the company and its brand on the social web sphere, for broadcasting news concerning the company, and also for connecting the company to its clients since it is a form of two way communication that allows the company to listen to its customers (Tuten, 2008). Social media also allows for networking with other companies for collaborative purposes, as well as allowing businesses to use it for interaction and servicing of its clients on an online forum that is customer service. Market research can also be carried out using social media after the company