Earth journey

Earth Journey It is a wonderful thing to be a part of this world and all the natural things it has to offer. Since birth, individuals are plagued with the question of what makes the world the place it is. The gaia theory assists individuals comprehend some of the basic concepts surrounding the earth’s natural state. The theory begins to indulge the human mind by claiming that all biological processes and/or systems are connected and interconnected. It is this theory’s belief that the temperature, atmospheric content, and the salinity of the ocean are controlled by this system. It is also safe to assume that the earth is maintaining these conditions to enable its survival (Lovelock 59). Times are changing and humans are changing for the better. This evolution demands that the earth change also, to ensure its survival, in the long run.
The thing I found intriguing about the theory in question is the ability it has to assist scientists find out what needs to be done to salvage the situation. Documented proof that the earth is indeed protecting its existence is available. An example is the research conducted 15-20 years ago Lynn Margulis over the formation of clouds over the ocean. It is through the emission of sulphur molecules as waste material by algae, which later become raindrops through condensation. Cloud formation, in turn, assists the earth maintain its temperature while reducing the heat intensity from the sun (Lovelock 62). I would like to learn more about this theory. This is so that it may assist me in comprehending the benefits of modelling my activities to better suit my immediate environment, and the entire world.
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