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Title: 10,000 slam Brand and Ross, Newspaper: The Sun Author: Staff Reporters, Subject: Entertainment, Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2008.
This news article relates to the incident whereby BBC reportedly received over 10,000 calls condemning the prank played by its star reporters Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand that involved veteran actor Andrew Sachs and his granddaughter Georgina. It was alleged that the duo left cruel answer phone messages which sought to demean the veteran’s granddaughter and himself.
As evidence, the article quoted several reliable sources including remarks of the Conservative leader David Cameron, Commons Committee Chairman John Whittingdale, the channels spokesman as well as by the actors themselves. The article seeks to highlight the issue and condemns the act and even suggesting that apologies be made. It has been put up for discussion whereby the readers are invited to give their own opinion about the whole issue.
The significance of the issue lies in the fact that the broadcasting agencies need to be well guarded in the choice of programs as well as content that they choose to telecast and in case of such occurrences the stance that the government and other regulating bodies ought to take. The erring commentators should be held accountable for disrespecting the sentiments of people.
The article “The world bank’s International Monetary Fund is going BUST and must be bailed out, Gordon Brown warned last night” comments on the issue of acute scarcity of funds in the IMF and the concern expressed by the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown urging the cash-rich oil sheikhs as well as China to contribute hundreds of billions of dollars to stop the trend, since they have surplus cash reserves and are in a position to extend their help and support. This concern was shared by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy during the talks on the reshaping of IMF in Paris.
As evidence, the author relates to the comments by Gordon Brown on the issue. The article is mostly informative rather than argumentative, in nature and intends to provide the reader with the basic information on the issue.
This news item would be of utmost significance to all the readers especially the citizens since a contribution towards the World Bank’s IMF would be made out of the tax payer’s money and hence would have a significant impact on their incomes.