Double Expense Account Issues

It is mentioned that when a friend objected that this was dishonest, Frank replied that each firm had told him to submit his expenses and that therefore he was not taking something to which he had no right. One firm had not asked for receipts, so he determined it was making him a gift of the money.
1. Identify the problem
The problem is that Frank is committing fraud by telling the companies that he has expenses of $1000 because whenever his expenses have been paid by either company, the other company has no obligation to pay for expenses that do not exist.
There is no issue with looking for a better job offer but trying to make money in the process of interviewing in a fraudulent manner is a problem.
2. Identify the stakeholders
The stakeholders involve the interviewing companies, Eastern State University placement office, Frank Waldrons friend and the interviewee, Frank Waldron.
3. Identify and briefly discuss at least three alternative solutions to the problem
1) Frank Waldron could tell the Eastern State University placement office of the fraud.
2) The friend of Frank Waldron could let Eastern State University placement office of the fraud perpetrated.
3) Frank Waldron could return half of each company money, telling the companies he intentionally requested payment from both companies and accept one the offers that have already been extended, thus discontinuing this fraudulent practice.
4. Identify the solution you would choose and explain how the solution impacts each of the stakeholders identified in question 2.
Solution 1. The solution impacts Frank Waldron directly as he would likely become unable to secure a job due to his fraud. Next, the Eastern State University placement office would be affected as their reputation with the companies would be tarnished since the fraud was perpetrated under their noses. Finally, the companies are affected and would implement ways to prevent this from happening again thus putting red tape up for every new interviewee who might have legitimate expenses.