The objective shall be met by the aid of the salient delivery techniques employed by the director to effectively bring out the themes.
The prestige adequately covers the theme of sacrifice that goes into deception. the kind of deception that is good enough to generate the perception that what is achieved is actually magical and cannot be replicated by someone else without the knowledge, skills and experience of the magician. A peculiar characteristic of this sacrifice is that in most instances, it is often disguised because its discovery could be fatal to the discovery of the truth thus unmasking the fact that no magic is performed.
Two examples stand out to demonstrate sacrifice. One is in the characters of Borden and Chung Ling Soo. In order to perform the magic trick of entering one point and exiting the other instantaneously, Borden cleverly uses a twin brother to accomplish the same. However, great sacrifice is what makes the achievement a reality. Borden has to conceal at all costs that he has a twin brother and make sure that the status quo remains hidden for life (McGowen, 2012, p. 112). This demonstrates how far he is willing to go just to deceive his audiences. Borden cannot even reveal his twin brother to his wife Sarah who is forced into taking her own life when she suspects that she has been dealing with two men believing them to be one. Further, sacrifice is still demonstrated when Borden’s two fingers get shot off during a magic activity that goes awry. Instead of stopping bullets as originally intended, he ends up with two fingers chopped. The negative development puts the secret of his twin brother in jeopardy as the brother will be conspicuously distinguishable from him with all fingers intact. The only solution is to chop of the fingers of the other brother so that they all look the same. Perhaps, this example best demonstrates how far in the domain of sacrifice a magician can go to capture and retain audience for