Does a welfare state benefit society

Therefore, it is important to understand that a welfare state looks after the good beings of the people and the people who live in different countries of the nations. Some nation copies the example of these welfare state so that they could become perfect and also become top-ranked in the world the concept of welfare state is adopted by different people of the nations.
In the end, it would be important to mention again that a welfare state is very important for the overall working basis of a country. Every nation must try it’s very best to become a welfare state so that its people could live in prosperity and there are no issues for one another. A welfare state is thus a very important ingredient for bringing people together on one platform. This is needed for nation-building and unity which is very necessary in times which are trouble. The leaders must put emphasis on having a welfare state so that the people can elect them again to serve these people in return (Castles 2004). The leaders should be accountable for all their actions and steps so that there are no problems at all for the people living in these countries. Every government must try to become a welfare state so that it could serve the cause of its own men and woman and this is important in order to have prosperity, growth, and development within the infrastructure of the country. In the long term, this will have more productivity within the country itself which is a very important thing toward achieving the goals.