Do the Right Thing Collection

The cause of disagreement arises when Sal who owns the pizzeria dismisses Buggin a black American young man who protests about the wall of fane at the restaurant. Racial discrimination is evident in Sal’s restaurant when he speaks rudely at Buggin. The wall of fame in this restaurant contains only Italians and no black celebrity is included in the list and photos of fame within the restaurant. Racism intensifies when Mookie asks Vito Sal’s son who is a friend of a black American Mookie about any black celebrity. Vito is ignorant about any black personality despite living in a black neighbourhood for over 10 years. Sal’s racism continues when he refuses to pay Mookie who has been working for him as pizza delivery.

The way the police officers deal with Buggin and Raheem also indicates racism. The two police officers kill Raheem instead of apprehending him and suing him for inciting a crowd against the Sal. Back at Mookie’s place the caretaker of Hector Mookie’s son is Italian and speaks to the son in Italian. Mookie yells at her informing her that he would like his son to speak in English in future.