Divine Birth and Virginity

The Christian adherence to the proposition that Jesus, the son of God was conceived of a virgin of virtuous and unique qualities is not unknown to religious beliefs. For example, Buddhists subscribe to a vastly similar theory that Buddha was conceived by Maya, also a virgin of marked uniqueness. (Woodman) Virginity which speaks of purity are not the sole determining factor in these women finding favor with divinity. It is their faith and belief in the wisdom of the divine that dictates that neither woman would question or object to the divine decision to impregnate them with the son of a higher power.
Mary too is described as having a close connection with God even as a child, she prayed often and the angels of God often communicated with her. According to the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew, Mary’s destiny was determined by the divine as early as age three. The Gospel documents the following:
Israel. and when she was three years old, she walked with a step so mature, she spoke so perfectly, and spent her time so assiduously in the praises of God, that all were astonished at her, and wondered. and she was not reckoned a young infant, but as it was a grown-up person of thirty years old. She was so constant in prayer, and her appearance was so beautiful and
In each case, both women are predestined for greatness or at the very least uniqueness. Maya, like Mary, are both enamored with what appears to be divine characteristics that set them apart from ordinary mortals. Mary in both her beauty and her close connection to God and Maya in her beauty and her likeness to a Goddess. In each case, the inescapable conclusion is that both women were chosen by the divine for those characteristics that ensured that neither woman would deny their destinies. As such Mary did not have a choice the choice was made by a higher power, one that she did not distinguish herself from.